75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (2024)

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (1)

I’m forever fantasizing about grand ideas for living an incredible life.

The trouble is this:

Grand ideas don’t always make great ideas.

Big bucket list thinking helps me escape the mundane and imagine myself doing something amazing instead.

But sometimes these ideas are SO big they become unrealistic.

It’s ironic. I end up doing very little, or nothing, to make them happen.

Which leads me to my point:

Sometimes, simple bucket list ideas are better! Less is more if it leads to taking action and actually ticking items off the to-do list of life.

What’s more, you really don’t have to do outlandish things to live an awesome existence! With all that in mind, I wanted to put together a nice long list of easy things to put on a bucket list.

Looking for an everyday bucket list to make life that bit more fulfilling? Read on for 75 easy bucket list ideas.

[Last Updated: March 2021]

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (2)

75 Simple Bucket List Ideas for Inspiration

Bucket lists don’t have to be full of impossible dreams and ideas.

Sometimes, the best lists are altogether simpler and more feasible. Hopefully, these 75 simple bucket list ideas will help you establish the perfect bucket list for you.

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1. Quit Your Job!

Hate your job? Be sure to leave it behind.

Life’s too short!

Sometimes responsibilities and obligations force your hand.

If possible, though, never do a job (for extended periods of time) that doesn’t bring you joy and fulfilment. You should get to Sunday evening and actively look forward to Monday.

2. Find a Job You Love

Everybody deserves to love their work.

Think about what you’re passionate about. What brings you joy? See if there’s a way to work in that field! Most people spend about one third of their lives working (with a standard 8 hour day).

Hating your job effectively means being unhappy for a third of your life!

Check out these 100 life goals ideas for more suggestions on how to make the most of your time.

3. Get a Promotion in the Job Your Love

It’s easier to work hard at a job you love.

Why not try and push for promotion? You’ll get more money, more responsibility, and a greater chance at having an impact in your field.

4. Travel to a New Country Each Year

Growing up, my family holidayed in the same place year after year.

We found a place we liked (Spain) and (almost always) stuck with it. And it was awesome! I’ve got some incredible sun-soaked memories from those times abroad.

I reckon there’s room to mix things up a bit though. The world’s a big place! There’s so much to see and do.

Setting yourself the target of vacationing in a new place every year will help you see it, and keep things interesting at the same time.

Looking for an adventure? Check out the best jobs for adventurers!

5. Go on Vacation Twice a year

One holiday’s good.

But two’s always better, right? You could spend one overseas, and the other at home. Everyone needs free time, away from work (even if you love what you do).

It’s a time to break the routine, de-stress, and let your hair down. Having the chance to do that more than once a year gives you something to look forward to.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (3)

6. Go on Vacation with Close Friends

Sharing experiences with close friends is always special.

Life should be about making memories. Going on holiday with your nearest and dearest is sure to create some!

Why not check out this post about 30 Things to Do Before You’re 30?

7. Do a Road Trip with Friends

Road trips are a special kind of vacation.

There’s nothing better than packing up the car and hitting the road with your closest friends. With the windows down, and the music playing…It doesn’t get much better.

This is definitely a top choice if you’re on the hunt for bucket list ideas with friends.

Thinking about doing this one? Here are some essential tips for travelling by car.

8. Fall in Love! (Bucket List Ideas for Singles!)

This isn’t something you necessarily have control over.

But what’s life without a little love in it? Meeting someone and falling in love with them is something everyone should experience.

9. Regularly Do Something that Scares You

Fear gets a bad rep.

It’s natural to want to avoid things and situations that scare you. But facing your fears anyway will help you grow as a person.

I’m pretty sure someone once said that on the other side of fear lies greatness. There’s nothing wrong with being uncomfortable every now and again.

You realise what you’re capable of. Here are some more tips on how to find inspiration in life.

10. Make Your Own Beer/Wine (One of the Best Cheap Bucket List Ideas!)

Rapidly changing direction with this one, but let’s face it:

You can never have too much good beer or wine in your life.

I’d love to know how to make my own one day! I just think there’d be something lovely about drinking your own home-made booze.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (4)

11. Make Own Flavoured Spirits

Sticking with the alcohol theme for a second.

You’ve mastered wine and beer…why not move onto spirits?

You can actually make your own flavoured spirits quite easily from pre-made alcohol. You could go one step further and try making it from scratch.

12. Explore a New Part of Your Neighbourhood

How well do you know your area?

Why not make the effort to explore somewhere new? There are almost always hidden gems tucked away in the places you’ve never been.

You never know what you might find until you get out there.

13. Get in Touch with Old Friends

I was recently added on Facebook by a childhood friend of mine.

It made me realise how easy it is to lose touch with people! It must have been 15 years or so since we last saw each other! But it was really cool to see what they’re up to these days.

Why not reach out to the people you’ve lost touch with in your life? You could even organise a massive reunion with old school friends.

14. Learn About Your Family History

Learning your family history is always fun.

It inevitably provides greater insight into who you are; it sheds light on the context of your entire life. There’s something special about looking back at old photographs, learning the names of your ancestors, and hearing about their stories.

Why not decide to start some research into your family tree?

15. Regularly Get Together as a Family (looking for the best bucket list ideas that are free? This is one of them!)

One of the downsides of travelling is how far I am from my family.

Absence always makes the heart grow fonder. It’s definitely made me realize how nice it is to have easy access to them when I’m at home (and how much I take it for granted).

Try and meet up with your nearest and dearest as much as possible.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (5)

16. Do One Special Thing Every Weekend

You’ve got to make the most of your spare time- especially if you don’t enjoy your current job.

Do something special whenever your weekend comes around. Meet up with friends, take trips out of town, play for a sports team, go to a museum, take a hike…anything to maximise the time you have.

Feeling stuck in a rut? Wondering what you’re doing with your life? Here’s a post that should help.

17. Visit a Nearby Historical Monument

Love history?

See if there are any historical monuments to go check out! Depending on where you are in the world, there might be castles, old battle fields, historic houses, and so on.

Head out of town if there’s nothing nearby. You could use it as one of your special weekend activities!

18. Hike the Trails in Your Area (or Further Afield)

Hiking is a personal favourite activity of mine.

I love getting outdoors and doing something physical, with beautiful views and landscapes to enjoy along the way. It’s great exercise, and gets you closer to nature too.

For town and city dwellers, being out in the greenery is even more enjoyable.

19. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in One Day

Sunrise and sunset are two of my favourite times of day.

Never stopped to see them both in the same 24 hour period? This’d make a great addition to your bucket list.

Wake up for first light, and then head somewhere to watch the sun drop over the horizon. It makes a special way to start and end the day.

20. Learn 100 Words of a New Language

I thought about just having ‘learn a language’ as one of these bucket list ideas.

But that’s not quite as simple as you might be looking for. 100%, do it if you want to get fluent in a second language!

Want slightly less of a challenge? Try learning 100 useful words/phrases to put into practice in the country. With 100 words down, you might be tempted to learn some more…

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (6)

21. Learn 5 Songs on a New Instrument

Same goes for this one: I was going to suggest ‘learning an instrument’ for your bucket list.

Again, though, that isn’t so easy. Mastering a new instrument can take years. Why not take it slightly slower and start with just a few of your favourite songs?

22. Learn to Surf (/Stand Up Once!)

I think it’d be awesome to learn how to surf.

Spending time in the ocean, catching waves, and then chilling out on the beach…Sounds pretty ideal.

Looking for a simpler challenge? Why not commit to standing up just once on the board! That way you can officially say you’ve surfed a wave!

FYI, this one’s on my

23. Learn to Ride a Motorbike

Riding a motorbike is something else that sounds incredibly cool.

A little dangerous, maybe, but it just sounds like ultimate freedom.

Thought about learning to ride in the past? Like the idea of hitting the open road on two wheels? Then pop it on the bucket list and make it happen!

24. Learn an Origami Trick

Everyone needs a party trick!

Learning some origami is something you can learn in an hour (or less) and impress people with for the rest of your life. I reckon it’d make a nice little addition to any bucket list.

25. Learn to Bake

Everybody wants to be friends with a good baker.

They just always have delicious treats on the go! Learning how to bake is just an awesome way of bringing joy to peoples’ lives.

Be sure to make baking a bucket list priority.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (7)

26. Learn to Cook a New & Exotic Dish (Good Bucket List Ideas for Couples!)

It’s easy to get caught up in the same cooking routines.

Why not spice things up a bit and learn to cook something you’ve never done before? You could even make an event of it and invite your friends over for a dinner party.

27. Learn How to Light a Fire from Scratch (a Basic Bucket List Idea for Outdoor Enthusiasts!)

I think lighting a fire should be a core skill that everybody knows how to do.

I’m talking flint and steel style! No firelighters allowed. Learn the theory, then get out into the great outdoors and give it a shot!

28. Try Vegetarianism for a Week

Giving up meat might seem an impossible task.

It definitely might seem like the last thing in the world you want to do. After all, meat-eating is just a central and unquestioned part of peoples’ lives these days.

However, vegetarianism isn’t as scary as it sounds! It’s also way better for the environment (and the animals…obviously). Give it a shot for a week. You might surprise yourself and even enjoy it!

29. Try Veganism for a Week

Really fancy pushing the boat out?

Try veganism! That means zero animal products. You might laugh out loud at the thought of that.

However, having tried it out for the last few months now, I can tell you that it’s definitely possible. Even better, the food can be genuinely delicious too!

30. Try Fasting at Least Once

Fasting is meant to be amazing for your overall wellbeing.

A period fast, done properly, can have all sorts of positive health effects. It’s like a detox for your body- giving it a rest from digesting food. Why not aim to give it a try at some point?

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (8)

31. Go Skinny Dipping at Least Once

I reckon everyone should try skinny dipping.

It’s definitely something to put on a bucket list for young adults! A bit of nudity never hurt anyone! Getting naked and heading for a swim is always a bit of fun.

32. Go Star Gazing (One of the Most Affordable Bucket List Ideas)

A clear night sky is full of real beauty.

You can’t help but feel small when you’re looking up at the stars, the moon and the constellations above. It puts your earthly troubles in perspective.

33. See a Shooting Star

Shooting stars are another of life’s marvels.

You’re looking up at the night sky and in that exact instant, a meteor flashes past thousands of miles above yours head. What are the chances? You’ve been moving your entire life to that one moment in time, just as that shooting star has.

Then, in an instant, they align. You can see why you’re meant to make a wish. It’s startlingly cool. If you’ve never seen a shooting star, then be sure to make it a priority.

34. Cut Down on Sugar from Your Diet

Sugar is one of the greatest issues in people’s diet these days.

For years we thought it was fat that caused all the trouble. It’s becoming increasingly reported that sugar is the true culprit for all manner of health disorders.

We could all do with eating more healthily. Why not try cutting/reducing the bad, unnatural sugars from your diet?

35. Join a Local Club

Struggling to find things to do in your evenings and weekends?

Check out the local clubs that run nearby. There might be a new sport or activity for you to try out! You’ll meet some lovely people in the process.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (9)

36. Sing Karaoke at Least Once

The thought of getting up and singing karaoke terrifies me!

Getting up and singing in front of people is my idea of hell. But some people seem to love it! Like to sing and/or make a fool of yourself in public?

Karaoke seems like a perfect way of killing two birds with one stone.

37. Create Your Own Herb Garden

Fancy getting your fingers a little green?

Why not experiment with growing your own herb garden? I was thinking of the culinary (rather than psychoactive) variety, by the way. But whatever floats your boat…

38. Grow Your Own Vegetables

I think it’d be amazing to grow your own vegetables.

You save money, it’s better for the environment, and you get totally organic produce at the end of it. Moreover, you grow something from scratch and get to eat the end result.

It just sounds incredibly satisfying in every way!

39. Hug a Tree

Why? Well, why not?!

Have you ever hugged a tree before? If not, then put it on the bucket list!

40. Help Out in the Community

There are always worthwhile causes to get involved with in the local community.

You could volunteer your time, or lend your weight to one of them. Giving back is always a great way of finding the all-important meaning and purpose we need in life.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (10)

41. Read a New Book Every Month

Love to read?

Why not challenge yourself to read a book every month? Adapt the time-frame in line with your particular reading ability.

Read quickly? Then a book a week may be more of a challenge. Read more slowly? Then one book every 2 or 3 months may be better.

FYI, this is one I have on my own bucket list! Want to see what else is on there? Here’s my personal bucket list.

42. Do a Random Act of Kindness Every Day

Make it a priority to do good for other people.

Commit to doing something every single day for the good of others. It doesn’t have to be much. You could buy a homeless person lunch, help an old lady cross the road, take the bins out without your partner asking first…and so on.

Doing good feels good! It’s a recipe for a happier life.Be sure to include this one in your list of simple and inexpensive bucket list ideas.

43. Find Something to Be Grateful For Every Day

Gratitude is another key element of a happy life.

It’s all too easy to focus on the things we lack or struggle with. Make a habit of reminding yourself of the good stuff too. What/who do you appreciate? It could be anything or anyone.

Feeling grateful is a sure-fire way to overcome adversity and negative emotions.

44. Do Something for Charity

This one might coincide with doing something in your local community.

However, getting involved with a charity is another great way to give back. See what opportunities there are near you and what you might be able to do to help.

45. Give a Percentage of Your Paycheque to Charity

Sometimes it’s a choice between giving time or money to charity.

Don’t have enough time spare to help out in person? Consider setting up a monthly donation to a cause that’s important to you. Every charity in the world will be grateful for your financial support.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (11)

46. Meditate Every Day

Physical health is important.

But it would be foolish to forget about your mental and emotional health. Meditating on a daily basis will help out in this regard.

It’s about taking time to be present and connect with your inner and outer world. Making it a priority will help enhance overall wellbeing.

47. Start Doing Yoga

I’ve never done yoga, though I definitely see the appeal.

It seems like the ultimate practice for connecting your mind and body. You become stronger and suppler in the process. There’s obviously something to it, as well. Yoga seems to have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Why not jump on the bandwagon and give it a try?

48. Do Something Active Every Day

Most people (myself included, at the moment) spend much of their time sat down in one place.

We sit inside, at our desk, working on the computer.

And it’s not what our bodies or minds are designed for! Evolutionarily speaking, we’re meant to be outside running and jumping and climbing. As part of your bucket list, why not commit to doing something active every single day?

You’ll benefit in all manner of ways if you do.

49. Start (& Complete!) a DIY Project

There’s something fundamentally satisfying about building something from scratch.

You get the joy of taking something from idea to reality. There’s a tangible reward at the end of your efforts. I don’t think it really matters what you decide to make. But why not commit to some sort of large DIY project?

Think about what you need. A garden shed? A new kitchen table? A desk? A desk chair? An easel for your artwork? Settle on an idea and set about learning how to make it!

50. Make Your Own Jewellery

Sticking with the creation-theme.

Love arts and crafts? Why not look into making your own jewellery?

The worst that can happen is that you end up with a bunch of bespoke, hand-made bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings to wear.

You might even discover a new talent. Tonnes of people sell their handmade goods online. Is there a market for the jewellery you design and make? You could think about creating your own little side business.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (12)

51. Write a Poem

You might be a poet and just not know it.

Have you ever sat down and tried to write a poem? Maybe not since school. It might feel stupid, or pointless. You might be short of inspiration and have no idea what to write or how to rhyme.

It really doesn’t matter. Give it a shot. Poetry is another form of expression. Again, there’s nothing to lose. You don’t even have to show the end result to anyone. In the process, you could discover a new talent that you didn’t know you had.

52. Write a Book

This is one my personal bucket list items. I know it isn’t necessarily a simple thing to include on a bucket list of your own. At the same time, though, I don’t think it should seem hugely daunting.

All it takes is an idea, and the commitment to sit down and put it in writing.

It doesn’t need to be sold around the world to be deemed a success! Heck, it doesn’t even need to be published.

Simply writing the book itself would be a noteworthy achievement.

53. Start a Blog

There are all sorts of reasons to start a blog. With enough time and hard work, you can turn it into a passive living, and provide value to readers around the world in the process.

It’s also (a bit like journaling) a way of writing down your thoughts and opinions. Blogs provide a top platform for doing that, and sharing them with an audience.

Got something to say? Passionate about a certain topic? Then starting a blog might be just the ticket.

54. Write a Journal

Imagine getting to the end of your life and being able to read the thoughts of your twenty-year-old self.

Wouldn’t that be incredible? I think so, anyway. And that’s what writing a daily journal would enable.

Not only that, but journaling is a meditation in its own right. You sit back and reflect on your day. You work through your inner thoughts and feelings by putting them in writing.

55. Save $1000

Having just started saving a bit of money, I can tell you how good it feels to build up a bit of cushion. I can think of very few things that are more stressful than having no money to your name.

Making the effort to start putting some money away! $1,000 is a good target to start with.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (13)

56. Spend $1,000 on Something You’ve Always Wanted

Right, so let’s assume you’ve saved that thousand bucks.

Go ahead and bloody spend it! Buy or do something you’ve always wanted, but never been able to afford. Obviously, this isn’t necessarily the most sensible approach to saving. I can just hear the moans of personal finance experts echoing around me.

Life’s short, though. Doing things for fun is important!

Maybe wait until you’ve saved your first $2,000. But don’t just save for the sake of it. That fabled rainy day may never come.

What good is having money if you never enjoy it?

57. Save Towards a Property (and Buy One!)

Saving the money for a down payment is a monumental achievement that takes time. If you know you’ll want to buy at some point in time, then look ahead to the future and start saving ASAP.

58. Pay Off Your Student Loan

Okay, so that $1,000 would arguably be better spent paying down debt. Student loan debt is crippling. I’m speaking from experience! I’ve got more of it than I care to think about, and I know many people have it worse than I do.

Go ahead and spend that first thousand bucks on whatever you want. But remember to pay down your debt too. Make it (or any other debt you’re in) a priority.

59. Throw Out Unwanted (& Useless) Stuff

Most people have more stuff than they need. Before long, it gets to a point where the stuff actually owns you.

I think everyone would benefit from living more simply, with fewer things. Make it a goal to regularly declutter your life of unnecessary items.

60. Donate Your Other Stuff to Charity

Find a good home for all the items you no longer need, though. I hate the thought of just chucking old items out. There’s already too much waste in the world.

You never know who might benefit from your own clothes and household items. Take them down to a local charity to see if they can put them to good use.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (14)

61. Try a New Hairstyle

Variety is the spice of life.

Why not mix things up a bit, surprise your friends and family, and experiment with a new hairstyle? It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

Grow it out, cut it off, change the color…or do all of the above. Just do something a bit different and see how you feel.

62. Get a Piercing

Same goes for piercings.

Always wanted a part of your body pierced? Then again, it’s time to commit. Plonk it top of your bucket list and go get that piercing.

63. Get a Tattoo

Everyone seems to have tattoos these days.

Why not hop on the bandwagon and get one for yourself? Don’t fret the whole ‘this is permanent’ thing. Life’s too short for ‘what ifs’. If you’ve always toyed with the idea of tattoos, then don’t wait any longer.

Find a design that has personal meaning to you and get it done!

64. Do a Skydive

Skydives are terrifying. They’re also in-bloody-credible and you’ll never forget the experience.

You’ll wonder why you’re spending so much money to launch yourself out of a plane. You’ll question your decision right up until you’re freefalling at 100mph.

At that point, everything stops. You’re can’t help but get caught up in the adrenaline of it. Then the parachute opens and you get literally swept away in the sudden calm that descends. It’s a beautiful experience and one you won’t regret.

65. Do a Bungee Jump

I’ve never done a bungee.

But the thought of it makes me queasy. I reckon the process of doing the jump would be just as liberating as the sky-dive though. Fancy doing something a little crazy, and conquering a fear of heights in the process?

Pop this one on your list as well.

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (15)

66. Run 5km (or 10km, or a Marathon!)

I’ve never quite understood how people get so hooked on running. It’s never been my forte. That said, running is great exercise and can be a great social activity too. Joining a club of running enthusiasts would be a cool way of meeting new people and doing something active.

Why not set yourself the goal of running a particular distance? New to the sport? Start small, then build up.

67. Go 24 Hours without Looking at a Screen

When was the last time you went a whole day without looking at a screen?

Chances are it was a little while ago. People spend hours of their day on their smartphones, tablets and computers. Give eyes and your mind a break. Boycott your screens for set period of time!

68. Join the Gym (and Go Regularly!)

I read somewhere that a huge percentage of gym memberships go unused.

People literally throw money away each month on them.

Going to the gym is a great way to get fitter and stronger. It sort of helps if you actually go, though. Make it your mission to go 3 or 4 times a week. Set yourself fitness goals and see if you can meet them!

Heads up, you might like this post full of bodyweight travel workouts.

69. Do a Social Media Detox

It’s literally designed to be addictive. You can download

apps that tell you how long you’ve been spending on each social media platform. I reckon most people would be shocked at the time they spend scrolling newsfeeds each day.

Rates of mental illness are skyrocketing. People are steadily drawing a connection between the two.

Excessive periods of time on screens and social media is detrimental to our health. Do a detox! Go for as long as possible without checking your social media profiles.

70. Spend Time with Loved Ones in the Evenings

We’re more connected than ever before.

The internet means we have instant connectivity to all of our friends and family at all times. Which makes it horrible and ironic that we can feel lonely and distanced from others.

There’s no replacement for meaningful, face-to-face human interaction. Be sure to find time to see your loved ones in person too (with no phones allowed!)

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (16)

71. Quit Smoking

Want to quit smoking? Planned on doing it for years?

Stick it on your bucket list. Now’s the time.

72. See Your Favourite Musician Live

Love live music? Got a favourite musician?

You owe it to yourself to see them live. You’ll never forget the experience.

73. Quit Drinking (for a Length of Time)

Same with drinking! Most people could do with a booze-drinking detox. Why not try fasting from your tipple of choice for a while?

See how long you can go without it, and feel the benefits that come along as a result.

74. Watch Your Favourite Sports Team Play Live

If you’ve never watched them live, then you have to make it happen. Watching sports on TV is one thing. But it’s totally different to being there, watching the action first hand and soaking in the atmosphere.

Treat yourself and buy some tickets to the next game!

75. Get the Pet You’ve Always Wanted

I can’t wait to get a dog one day. It’s definitely on my bucket list. Always wanted a particular pet? Then why not commit to making it happen? Stick it on your bucket list!

Enjoy These Simple and Easy Bucket List Ideas

There you have it: 75 simple bucket list ideas (plus 25 bonus ones!) to help inspire an amazing life.

Grand ideas are all well and good.

But they can quite often seem too farfetched to actually act upon. By contrast, simpler alternatives can seem more realistic and actually inspire the action needed to make them happen. More importantly, though, making your life amazing doesn’t have to mean doing crazy things anyway!

I hope the everyday bucket list ideas in this post provided you with some actionable items to add to your own personal bucket lists.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Which of the easy bucket list ideas on this list do you hope to tick off in the future? Let me know in the comments!

75 Super Simple Bucket List Ideas [An Everyday Bucket List] - What's Danny Doing (2024)
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