written by sam shepard
directed by guy roberts

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June 27-July 6
Lee Corey Gagne
Austin Judson Jones
Saul Lowell Bartholomee
Mom Lana Dieterich
July 6 - July 20
Lee Judson Jones
Austin Corey Gagne
Saul Lowell Bartholomee
Mom Lana Deiterich

Production Notes

When the dirigo group asked me to do a sound design for their production of True West I thought, "contemporary American classic that needs a specific kind of coyote howl and not much else. Hmmmmm. Easy!" Well, it soon became apparent that a few coyotes and some music wouldn't do for what this would be. Although at the earliest production meetings the shape of the show remained ambiguous, it was clear that everyone wanted to do a True West like no other. Some of the ideas that floated around were unusual to say the least. To put the actors inside a fence and have dogs roam free around the theatre and audience. Set it in the desert with Dali-esque furniture and props suspended in the air.

True West in hell?

For the longest time I don't think any of us knew where this production was heading but there were elements of everything popping up inside it. As the sound designer I kind of ran away with the hell idea from the perspective of Lee. I built a twenty-five minute car chase and crash for preshow and closing to frame the show then filled in with as much roadhouse rockabilly/high octane drag racing music and steamy ambient drones as I could get away with. This show was an intense hour and a half of bare-knuckle brawling. True West is (so far) my favorite dirigo group production. They took a play that is so often performed and done in such a specific fashion (partly because in the notes of the script, the playwright demands a realist approach) and exploded it into a multifaceted experience of text, subtext, imagery, abstraction, and suggestion all sharing equal exposure in the space. Definitely a True West like no other.

— Robert S. Fisher

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“an accelerating threat of sibling confrontation spiraling toward conflagration.”
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