written by kirk lynn
directed by ellie mcbride

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The Jinn Robert S. Fisher
Jenny Melanie Renee Dean
Jimmy Travis Dean
Jen Meredith McCall
Jim Robert Pierson
Jennifer Amanda Garfield
James Joel Gross

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    Production Notes

    Last weekend, I attended my grandfather's 90th birthday party in Cameron Texas. While there, I met one of my mother's best friends from high school. She knew that I was an actor in Austin and asked if I knew Kirk Lynn. I turns out that she was one of his middle school teachers in San Antonio. I told her that Kirk is a brilliant, smart and funny writer and that I had been privileged to perform in one of his works last season.

    This encounter spurred me to consider just how lucky I had been to be involved in this production. The script was very special and spoke to so many people about the lives that we create for ourselves without even knowing it. I love the idea that we make these unconscious wishes and then don't understand what to do when they come true; we blame our lives on our loved ones when we are the ones creating the reality. This is such a profound concept for me especially at this point in my life.

    Add to this the joy of working with such a talented group of people. I have rarely worked with a cast and crew of such kind and lovely people. I am very grateful that I was asked to be a part of the experience. Thank you, Lowell and Ellie.

    — Meredith McCall

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    "A flawless play given a flawless production by the dirigo group."
              Michael Barnes, Austin American-Statesman

    "It's a thoughtful, deeply felt story hidden under a bright and fanciful umbrella."
              Robert Faires,The Austin Chronicle -
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