F(o)unding Fathers:
Bob and Diane Gondek
Betty and Philip Somers
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Latta
Bara Stone
Jihad Zebdaoui
Wayne and Lynn Hachenberg
Chele Graham
Larry and Elizabeth McGonigal
Linda Mattocks
Terri Simmons
Carlene Gagne
Glenn Knowles
Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Moreland
Al Simmons
Franklin and Sheila Kimlicko
King Carlos
Lorena Gomez
Pamela Vonderheide
Rick and Leslie Diamond
Mark and Shirley Robare
Wayne and Anne Mazy
Glenn and Jacque Shackelford
Carol Vegley
Stephanie and Michael Kimlicko
Joey Hood
Benefactors ($1000+)
Steve Zinkgraf
Philip and Betty Somers
Dana, Lane and Lila Boyd
Woody Harrelson
Bob and Diane Gondek
City of Austin
Sheila Cosper
Heartbeat of Healing
Donors ($200-$999)
Frank and Sheila Kimlicko
Mark and Shirley Robare
Karen Kuykendall
Don and Janis Day
Harvey and Kathleen Guion Karen Kuykendall
Jeff Cohen and Associates
Supporters ($100-$199)
Earle and Idalene Ross
Stephen and Diane Gagne
Chele Graham Welsh
Aaron Kapner
Jeannie and Danny Earp
Terry Holmes
Friends ($1-99)
Jodie Segar
Jordan Weeks
Mrs. Lawhon
Mr. and Mrs. Moreland
The Walkers
Taylor Maddox
Connie McMillan
Jack and Tracy Jones
Pamela Combs
Kevin Karwoski
M'Liss Hindman
Clint Kuenemann
Maggie Bell
Gerrell Moore
David Jones and Cyndi Williams
Carlene Gagne
Terry and Lisa Wunder
Bob and Cathy Iversen
Mark Wahl
Ken Webster and Kathy Catmull
Sterling Printing
Jason Neulander and Sarah Andre

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